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Neil Martin is a thought-provoking professional speaker that will get your audience motivated and ready to take action. His highly inspirational stories and unique insights leave audiences begging for more.

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Neil is the master of taking complicated subjects and making them simple and easy to understand. He regularly speaks to audiences, both big and small, about business and marketing, embracing change, re-invention and health and wellness.

Neil’s signature keynotes include ‘Done Beats Perfect’, 'One Conversation Away', 'Using Social Media to Amplify Word of Mouth’, ‘Becoming the Authority in your Market’ and ‘The Ripple Effect’.

"Neil's presentation to a group of 125 residential surveyors was entertaining, witty and inspiring, and the feedback was wholly positive. I would thoroughly recommend Neil as a great 'firework' to inject energy and enthusiasm into your next event."


Alan Milstein - Chairman, Residential Property Surveyors Association

"Neil is a rare find as a speaker and motivator. His energy and enthusiasm from stage is contagious and carries to everyone in the room. Whether it's online funnels, speaking engagements or consulting - I recommend Neil to people constantly without hesitation!"


Chris Cameron - Head Of Speaking & Sponsorship, ClickFunnels

Neil Martin - Business Speaker
Neil Martin - Event MC

"Having spoken all over the world, I don’t recommend many speakers. However, Neil offers something completely different. He is bright, passionate and his skills as an emcee are second to none. If you want a speaker who has passion, a genuine message and can lift an audience to take massive action then contact Neil."


Nigel Risner - CEO, Nigel Risner & Associates

"Neil is an expert communicator and storyteller, with a bold, unique style that engages you at every level- from the emotional, to cold hard logic. As a speaker, and equally as a teacher, Neil can take you from big picture concepts right into the deep technical detail of a topic."


Tim Hill - Founder and Director, Keyzapp

Neil Martin - Business Speaker
Neil Martin - Storyteller

"Neil has an uncanny ability to make story telling on any topic easy, emotive and engaging. He helps people systemise their business to make content creation efficient and effective. Neil helps increase your revenue quickly, allows you to help people as well as ensuring you work with your ideal customer - absolutely priceless."


Pearl Noble-Mallock - Head of Product and Cyber Security, BAE Systems

"Neil is incredibly motivating and inspiring. He's energy is catching and he is very supportive, keeping in contact with everyone after the course and encouraging them. His social media marketing strategies are unbelievable and I would highly recommend his courses. Without a doubt the best thing you can do for your business."


Sarah Johnston - Owner, homes4harrogate

Neil Martin - Business Speaker