I have to be honest with you… I could sum this whole book up in 3 words. In fact, I already have. I wrote them on the front cover.

If you are reading this then maybe you want to know a bit more about what “Done Beats Perfect” actually means.

Don't worry. You don't need to read the book to find out. Why? Because I will read it to you!

Discover the secrets to overcoming your subconscious and improving ANY area of your life in just 4 simple steps.


Want to learn and grow your mindset? You have to read this book!

Everyone needs to read this book and hear these lessons! I am a Martial Arts coach and can’t wait to share some of the stories and lessons from this book with my students.

I love that there are many questions that really get you to think about your life and your vision. It’s not just a book you read, it’s a book that gets you to stop and think and take action. If you are thinking of ordering, just do it now!

Liam RIchards

Honestly written for breakthrough

“Done beats perfect” has become a daily affirmation; especially when growing my business and consistently moving through self improvement. Having dealt with perfectionism and imposter syndrome; This book was written for those of us who need an honest insight on personal growth with taking that imperfect action. Definately Seeing the amazing growth along the way. Such a great read!

Brandi Nelson


Absolutely love this book ! love the way it's made me sit back and think about a few things in my life that I had never thought about before, in fact since reading this book I have achieved a few things that I know "done beats perfect" has had a big effect on. This is the type of book I will pick up many times and not just a one off read, I've already started going through it again and defacing with my highlighter pen. I love the way the author is constantly throwing questions at me that I wouldn't normally ask myself, a must read and highly recommended ! Very motivating, great work Neil Martin πŸ‘


Your Best Year Starts Here! (the podcast)

Your Best Year Starts Here! with Nigel Risner and Neil Martin

Want to create your best year yet?

Well, when is NOW a good time to start? It doesn't matter if it is 1 January, 19 November or ANY other day of the year.

Your Best Year Starts Here! with Nigel Risner and Neil Martin drops a new episode EVERY MONDAY to help you kickstart your week and life your best life.

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A brilliant, motivating blast of positivity!

I heard Neil speaking at an online event and loved his positivity. I was going through a tough time and he helped me re-evaluate my situation and alter my mindset. I sought out his book and this podcast and now I love listening to him and Nigel play off each other, have a laugh and give great advice on how to live your best life. It helps keep me focussed, motivated and up-beat. Thanks

So much value!!

I swear, every time I listen to this podcast I learn something new. The show is so interesting and relatable plus! I love the honesty and vulnerability. ALWAYS actionable. Perfect for a commute to work when you want to make progress on your best self!

One of the best Podcast around

I love these podcasts. One reason is that my commute has ceased and I no longer have the luxury of listening to a podcast for an hour and a half. These podcasts are short, punchy, insightful, funny and at an average listening time of 13 minutes are readily available to listen to. Highly recommend these as a great ‘listen and learn’. Keep up the great work guys.

Podcast which packs a punch!

Really enjoy the dynamic between Nigel and Neil. Great conversational style where they both share their valuable insights and experiences.

Five Stars - great podcast

I first saw Neil and Nigel at a works conference and both men were glowing on stage dropping knowledge and motivational bombs all over the show! I’m so pleased to say this Podcast is no different, in-fact it’s better as it’s just them. Can’t wait until we’re out of lockdown to see the crowd these two bring in, it will be powerful. I’ll certainly be one of them.

Smile, Laughter and Nuts

Love these two. Always full of positivity with hilarious banter. Everyone needs a bit of N&N in their life. Thanks guys and anyone reading this, you need to tune in. πŸ’₯